Working with tutors

Introducing our tutors

Upon enrolment you will be assigned a named tutor who will be your primary point of contact throughout your course.

Your tutor is dedicated to answering email queries as soon as possible and marking your assignments. They are also on hand to provide guidance if you need a helping hand with any of the subject matter.

Our tutors have all been carefully selected for their subject knowledge and ability to deliver professional qualifications via distance learning. Each tutor works as part of a wider specialist team so you always receive the support you need.

Getting the most from your tutor relationship

A distance learning tutor is an expert mentor or guide who is there to offer assistance and advice when needed. They let you set the pace at which you progress and won’t constantly be looking over your shoulder, but they will agree a timetable with you and target dates for assignments.

The relationship developed between tutor and student in a distance learning environment varies a lot. Some people are happy to work mostly on their own with little help or guidance, whereas others regularly draw on their tutor for support. Our distance learning blueprint  is ideal whichever end of the spectrum you’re at – just get in touch as and when you require assistance.

How to contact your tutor

You can speak to your tutor by email or over the phone when only a personal conversation will do.

Management tutor Jane says that around 80% of the contact with her students takes place via email, although she is always happy to talk something through in more depth on the phone as necessary.  We find using this method is great because you can ask questions as they occur to you and the tutor can reply with the right information, often providing extra resources too.

Last modified: Wednesday, 13 February 2013, 3:30 PM