Academic Terms and Conditions

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You are undertaking an academic course of study leading to a qualification. As such you are required to meet certain minimum standards and obligations.  Failing to meet those standards and obligations can result in your removal from the programme. Refunds of course fees are not made in these circumstances. Please see our general terms and conditions for information about ourrefunds policy.


Your obligations


You are required to comply with your obligations under these conditions and to:-


  1. Participate in agreed telephone tutorials arranged by your tutor


  1. Submit course work and assignments within the deadlines agreed between you and your tutor


  1. Submit course work and assignments in the manner requested by your tutor or as determined in relevant course material such as the Learner Handbook or Assignment Instructions


  1. Submit course work at the standard required, work that does not meet the standard will treated in accordance with the rules of the awarding body. Where work continues not to meet the required standard you may be withdrawn from the programme or, at our discretion, offered an alternative programme.


  1. Not commit acts of plagiarism and to reference your work using appropriate citations


  1. Submit course work and assignments that are your own work and does not include in part or whole work completed by any other person


  1. Respond to requests for information from your tutor in a prompt manner


  1. Comply with professional standards required by the awarding body or professional institute for your course of study e.g. Chartered Management Institutes code of conduct


  1. Notify us of any change in circumstances or contact details within 14 days




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