Reading and research

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The following are suggestions for additional reading. Remember there is an expectation that you will have evidence of concepts, theories, reading and research through citations and a bibliography.


Change management tool box website

Forcefield analysis

Porters five forces applied to the third sector

Business Balls

Psychology of Change –seven principles



Passenheim 0, 2010, Change Management Ventus Publishing
Has good practical examples for assignment use

Appreciative enquiry

Burke-Litwin change model

Pughs four principles for change

Force field analysis

Likert change

Examples of change projects

Competition in the not for profit sector

Change Transition Curve

Fisher model

Implementing Effective change CMI checklist

Overcoming resistance to change


Book chapter Project organisation

Book Chapter tools for analysing resistance to change

Citation for both chaprter is: Baguley P , 2008, Instant Manager: Project Management, Hodder Education and Chartered Management Institute

Institute Resources

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