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Assignment submissions

Assignment submissions

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Please note that following a meeting to discuss institute assignment submission rules the following changes will be made to assignment submission process with effect from 13/2/17.

1. Resubmissions

If you are resubmitting work following tutor feedback the changes you have made must be clearly identifiable.

You can DO THIS by either using the word-processing highlighter or by changing the colour of the altered/new text.

DO NOT use mark up as this will highlight any change including spelling alterations.

Unfortunately we will be required to return any resubmitted assignment that do not comply with this rule.

2. Rough work

Rough work should not be sent to tutors. Any work submitted has to be proof read, be referenced, have a word count and a bibliography/reference list.

If you are uncertain of how to answer a task question and have read the assignment help notes as well as any examples please contact your tutor for a telephone tutorial.

Any work currently with tutors will be looked at as usual.

Kim Taylor

Programme Director

Management and Consulting Programmes