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Course: Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership
Testimonial Statement:

I really enjoyed the flexibility and freedom of distance learning. I really appreciated the support from my tutors, the quick email responses and their ability to keep me focused and on track via email.

As I would consider myself a practical learner, rather than an academic learner, I particularly appreciated and benefited from the supportive documentation / materials provided. Thank you so much.


Course: Level 7 Certificate in Professional Consulting
Testimonial Statement:

I began the course as an experienced manager so I was surprised by how much I have learned and benefited. An important discovery for me was the array of tools and techniques which are available out there and can be utilised to generate really robust solutions. I only wish I had known about these years ago!

I have been impressed with the course.

 It has been much more “user friendly” and intuitive than the last course I studied online with a different organisation. The offers of help, and actual help received from my tutor also marked this course out.

 The other thing that I like are the assignment tutorial notes. These help me focus in on what is required for assignment tasks and save me a lot of time and head-scratching.

Overall very satisfied. Well done!

Gordon Kane
Internal Consultant

Course: Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership
Testimonial Statement:

I selected this course in order to develop my leadership and management knowledge skills at what I see as the next level for me. I chose distance learning as I wanted to be able to fit the study around work and family commitments. The cost of the course was very competitive and my employer agreed to fund it.

My course tutor was very supportive and assisted me with study related queries and with managing timescales when life got in the way.

During the course I have been able to apply my learning directly in a number of areas including drafting a business plan for my organisation, undertaking a business review of another department, and I have more recently begun work as a programme manager on a large strategic review alongside my current role which has also been expanded.

For the future I now have a large collection of reference material and resources which I feel confident about using appropriately.

Joanne Corkish
Local Governmant
Isle of Mann

Course: L7 Professional Consulting Diploma
Testimonial Statement:

Jenny MacDonald
L7 Professional Consulting Diploma
HR Project Manager / Change Consultant

I chose this course to provide me with learning to help with the clients I was working with, but also to provide me with the confidence to develop a business within management consultancy. Also to challenge myself with a Masters-level qualification whilst working full-time.

I was delighted to find the content useful right from the start, and throughout the diploma I was able to use my learning in a practical way in the workplace. As well as structured tools, approaches and techniques to deliver projects, the course also covered much of the psychological aspect of consultancy. It made me reflect on my own natural style and offered different approaches and tactics to deploy which not only helped me foster stronger client-consultant relationships, but also helped me successfully deliver the projects I was working on. There was so much useful content that I know I will be regularly revisiting it in the future to ensure I am using the best approach to suit the situation and so that I continue to add value.

It was not always easy juggling study with life and I had a period of ill health to contend with which nearly made me give up, but my tutor was absolutely phenomenal and supported my completion. Of course, I'm now so grateful that I did and can say the hard work was definitely worth it.

Jenny MacDonald
HR Project Manager / Change Consultant

Course: Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership
Testimonial Statement:

At the beginning of the course my aim was to improve my management skills and techniques and to assist me in being seen as an up and coming manager who could benefit the company greatly.


I had a mixed managerial background from both the military and from the oil & gas industry both of whom work differently, before joining the pharmaceutical environment. Therefore I felt it was essential to find out the correct way of being a manager and leading people effectively.

The training I have undergone has been exceedingly beneficial in helping me to achieve this aim and be recognised by my peers at work.

I have been placed into the company talent pool for individuals who show exceptional talent and capability and I feel the diploma course and what I learned on it has assisted greatly in me being chosen.

Craig Leonard


Course: L5 Exttended Diploma Management and Leadership
Testimonial Statement: At commencement of this diploma I was confident I held sound managerial skills and knowledge. As it turned out my abilities were underdeveloped and general in nature.

The course study pushed me to develop in every facet of operational management, addressing skill and knowledge gaps. It was evident that my understanding was at a broad level, without clearly interpreting the meaning and impact on work environments in tangible terms. This was particularly applicable in the topics addressing personal development and leadership styles, where instant examples of course content were recognisable and/or practicable.

Financial management continues to be a challenge albeit the course has armed me with a better understanding of the links between finance and each departments' activities.

When I started these studies I managed one contained project with a small team, overseen by a project director. I am now independently running 2 projects, with no overseer or party to report to. In addition I have been requested by my company to assist with the learning development of my peers.

Peter West

Project Manager

Sweett Group