Topic outline

  • Demo Course home

    This is a demonstration course.

    It is designed to give you a very brief glimpse of some of the resources that are typically available to you when you study a course with us. Of course what you can't do in this demo is sample our excellent tutor support.

    On this page you can see an induction tutorial and view a typical course outline for a unit.

    Click on the links to explore further.

    If you have any questions please contact us on or visit to get more information on our courses and enrol.


  • Induction

    Before starting a course you will undertake the on-line induction.

    This will help you understand how to progress through the course and access all of your course resources.

    Click the link below to access the induction.

    When you have viewed the induction click the box to record your progress in completing the activity.

  • Unit workbook

    For every unit there is a core reading workbook for the unit. You can download or print this.

    After completing the workbook you can tick a completion box to record your progress.

    Please note the copyright restrictions on sharing with others.

  • Reading and Research

    For this level of qualification you are expected to undertake additional reading and research. The page link below will provide you with links to useful sources.

  • Assignment

    After you have completed your reading for the unit you can undertake the assignment.

    To support you with this task there are:

    • Assignment help notes - tips and techniques for answering the assignment
    • Definitions of important words used in assignments
    • Example assignments where available

    When you submit your assignment you must email it to your tutor together with a completed assignment submission form.

    Stuck? - you can contact your tutor for an assignment tutorial.

    Check out student resources for guides on referencing, plagiarism and how to used tables correctly in your assignment.

    When your tutor marks your assignment as passed you can tick the box to record your progress.